Visit a Marble Slab Showroom In the GTA

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A marble slab is a statement of luxury and sophistication.  Read why you should visit a marble slab showroom in the GTA to learn why marble is considered the top choice when renovating.
Since ancient Greek and Roman times, marble has been used in architecture and sculpture. Marble is available in many shades, but most popular is black and white. Colours wind through the stone in veiny streaks, giving a creamy and soft feel. When renovating, homeowners often want to upgrade their kitchen by using marble slabs for countertops or floors. While it has an aesthetic appeal, marble also increases the re-sale value of a home. Marble is a porous and rather soft natural stone compared to some others like granite or quartz, and is susceptible to stains. Proper maintenance is imperative to preserving the beauty of marble. When selecting marble slabs, GTA buyers should know the properties of the stone to determine if it’s the right fit for their kitchen.
Marble is a metamorphic rock and is derived from limestone. This limestone is subjected to intense pressure, and trace minerals trapped in the limestone create these dreamy patterns in the stone. It has tremendous temperature control and is often used for baking or cooking. Think of the local ice creamery which uses marble slabs to soften the ice cream before topping it off with flavourful goodness! Marble is not affected by hot or cold temperatures, making it the perfect surface for culinary purposes. People will often install marble slabs for their kitchen island countertop, opting for a more durable stone (like granite) for the remaining areas in the kitchen.
For marble countertops, there are different thicknesses and edges to choose from. Countertop thicknesses range from ¾ inch to 1 ¼ inch. The latter thickness is the most preferred. The standard overhang of a marble countertop is 1 – 1 ½ inches. There are different edging options available to GTA buyers. Working with an experienced natural stone dealer will help you to make these design decisions. Marble does come in tiles, but a marble slab offers a seamless look. Often, the natural pattern of a marble slab is not captured the same way in tiles, although this is certainly more cost-effective.
As marble is a soft and malleable stone that can be sculpted, some buyers will choose to fit their marble countertops with a marble sink fashioned out of the same slab. This gives the overall design of the countertop a heightened sense of luxury.
Why not complement your marble countertop with a matching mosaic pattern for a backsplash? This type of design could be used in both the kitchen and the bathroom. There are endless opportunities to use marble slabs in GTA homes. The kitchen and the bathroom are definitely high-traffic areas, but you could also consider using marble in the following ways:
  • Surrounding a fireplace
  • As a mantle-piece
  • Backsplash in kitchen or bathroom
  • As a desktop in an office
  • A bar countertop
Marble adds sophistication and class to your home. Choosing your slab will require the help of an experienced dealer; visit a marble slab showroom in the GTA where experts can work with you and answer your questions when it comes to using marble slabs in your home renovations!